Hospital-Based 延伸照顾服务

皇冠集团app下载 provides compassionate and skilled care for seniors, but also for people of any age in northern Michigan who need short- or long-term assistance.

As part of an entire system of care, 皇冠集团app下载’s extended care services in 法兰克福, 盖洛德格雷林, Kalkaska 是医院. That means physicians and emergency medical care are available 24 hours a day, working together and coordinating care.

We offer a range of services to help you:

  • Provide consistent care and support for 长期护理 needs.

  • Better manage disabilities or chronic illnesses with the security of 24-hour support. 

  • Heal after surgery or a hospital stay.

  • Live comfortably with limited assistance.

Our team also provides respite care for temporary caregiver support. Our friendly and qualified staff is ready to guide you and your family every step of the way.

We provide a home-like environment that promotes enjoyment of life. Our team members deliver care that meets the physical, social, emotional needs of our residents. We’re dedicated to helping every person function at their highest level.



辅助生活, 专业护理, 长期护理 are terms that are often confused. They are, in fact, different levels of care that can vary depending on your needs.

辅助生活 facilities provide several levels of care. They can be for individuals who have been recently discharged from the hospital and need recovery support before safely returning home. Or, assisted living can be for people – often seniors – who can no longer live independently but don’t require the advanced care provided in 专业护理 or 长期护理 facilities. 辅助生活 facilities can greatly differ in size, 提供的服务, 许可, 成本, 以及录取标准.

A 专业护理 facility offers expert short-term nursing care and rehabilitative stays that typically last two or three weeks, although Medicare will cover services for up to 100 days. 最常, the goal of a 专业护理 facility is for the person to return home or to an assisted living facility. Some people may move to a 长期护理 facility, though, depending on specific health needs.

A 长期护理 facility is typically for older adults and people with disabilities or chronic illness who require 24-hour nursing support. In many cases, long-term and 专业护理 services are offered in the same place.

The decision to move into a more supportive life setting such as assisted living or 长期护理 is an important one. We offer facility tours and are prepared to answer any questions you or your loved ones may have, especially about admission criteria and requirements. 其他延长护理选择,如 家庭护理 or 私人值班护理,也可能是合适的. Together with your health care provider’s input, all options should be considered for the highest quality of life.

Variety of 位置 for Individual Needs

皇冠集团app下载 offers assisted living and 长期护理, as well as short- and long-term 专业护理 rehabilitation, 在几个方便的地点. 它们包括:


皇冠集团app下载’s team of senior care experts provide 专业护理 and long-term clinical care, taking a compassionate approach for any need. We improve the quality of life for our seniors one at a time – with an entire support team, including:

  • 医疗主任

  • 注册护士——一天24小时

  • 持牌执业护士

  • 注册护理助理

  • 呼吸治疗师

  • 语言治疗师

  • 注册活动专业人员

  • 物理治疗师

  • 职业治疗师

  • 社会工作者

  • 持证伤口护理专家

Enhance Well-Being with the Eden Difference

伊甸园的选择® is an international organization founded in the early 1990s that is dedicated to creating a high quality of life for seniors, 无论他们住在哪里. The Eden philosophy focuses on bringing together seniors and caregivers to collaborate as “care partners.”在一起, care partner teams enhance well-being by eliminating three challenges common among seniors: loneliness, 无助, 和无聊.

皇冠集团app下载 offers an Eden Alternative® environment at its Eden Center adjacent to Kalkaska纪念健康中心.


温室工程® is a scientifically studied national program for seniors where residential buildings operate like a home. Everyone can enjoy time together in common living spaces that include a living room, 餐厅, 厨房区域. Staff dedicated to the home build meaningful relationships with residents while meeting their personal care needs and preferences. This unique living environment is only available at six locations in Michigan.

皇冠集团app下载 opened its first designated Green House adjacent to Kalkaska纪念健康中心 in 2016, featuring private bedrooms and bathrooms along with shared “family” space for cooking, 餐厅, 和社交. The homes are fully licensed to deliver 专业护理 care in a small-scale setting.

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